Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Exit Da Skunk

This morning's triple Peak was a little bit different as it marked the last of the SIRcycling summer exodus- exit stage right Warren Squires aka Da Skunk. Warren has been such a constant on the HK island riding scene that his departure leaves quite a void. He's managed to get up at 5am far more often than I have ever been able to and is stronger than an Ox. He leaves behind a legacy of the SIRloin classic island ride (2 x Shek-O+Peak) & the questionable taste of matching bar tape with shoes.

Appropriately enough, I was 10 minutes late this morning (Warren was on time) so I had a chance to take some pictures of the sunrise on a beautiful day while I waited for the peleton to come down the Peak as I was coming up. On the 2nd climb the pace was surrealy sedate while Warren said his goodbyes. 

This gave me a rare opportunity to try and get some snaps of the SIR peleton, and what a cracker the new iPhone pulled out- it almost looks like I meant to frame the logo on my shorts with the sun washed riders behind looking like they're about to attack. Very rapha, if I do say so myself! Now I know the trick to photo shoots- go slow! Warren is in the one with gold bar tape by the way- one cycling fashion that won't be missed ;-)

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