Sunday, July 25, 2010

Shenzhen Bay

I raced in Shenzhen Bay today which was a figurative kick in the goolies on two counts. First, I cramped like I've never cramped before at 180bpm winding up for a sprint about 500m from the line. The cramp was in both of my groins, which left me unable to pedal or do anything other than stand by a tree until I could twiddle back to the start in 1st gear. That is some serious salt loss in 1 1/2hrs racing in some serious heat. Disaster. 

Second, I like to think I have a vague idea of what is going on in the Architectural world on my doorstep. Last time I was in Shenzhen on this course I didn't even clock this building site next door, let alone realise that they are constructing what can only be described as an awesome 30,000 seat stadium, gymnasium and pool. I cannot believe they built what is shown in the above photos in 6 months- insane. China really just never ceases to amaze me- the speed of construction and the fact this is just another project for them. Shenzhen is undoubtedly exceptionally high on the places I would least like to live but talk about diamonds in the rough. Insane. I still don't know the architect but I gleaned the below project render (which sells the scheme a bit better than my mobile phone photos) from skyscrapercity.