Saturday, May 8, 2010

Colossi Factory Visit

A fantastic visit to the colossi factory in Shenzhen yesterday. I loved seeing all the machinery- including an Italian hydaulic jig that looked like it must have weighed a good few tonnes, and watching the whole process at work. I felt a bit like a kid in a sweetshop picking up bits of chainstay here, a lug there. Watch this space for some follow up to that visit...

Click below for the full gallery:-

Colossi Factory Visit 7th May 2010


  1. great looking bikes!
    did you visit any other factories of note in china?
    any chance you can tell me the address/phone of colossi or others please?

  2. Hey there- colossi sponser our club ( so I guess you could call that visit a bit of a privilege normally reserved for people looking to do business on a larger scale. I don't think there are any other factories in China doing this sort of work- Jan is picking up where all the bust Italian artisans left off (and using their old machinery). I've not been to the carbon factories, though you're probably better off in Taichung for that rather than Shenzhen... You can contact Colossi through their site: