Monday, April 26, 2010


Mixed feelings after yesterday's Team Time Trial. We went into the race knowing we were missing some of our strongest riders (especially Colin), but also knowing that the main competition, Champion Systems, were missing some of theirs too (though they still had the Tonks), leaving the race quite open. If we could hold together over 4 laps of the hilly Bride's Pool course then we stood a chance. Alas, big Erich (2nd right) was having problems on the descents with his TT bike (speed wobbles) and was struggling to hold pace on the downhills. As the resident speed monster on the flat it wasn't like we could leave him behind, and he certainly won us more time than he lost with his power, but once we lost TJ and Roberto after lap 1 it was going to be a very hard task to win the race, especially when we saw Champion Systems in tight formation on the descents. As it was, we finished 2 minutes down in 2nd place with a time of 1.35.26, a good result considering we were 3rd last time. By logical progression next time we need to try and move up one place more, which I'm convinced we can do if we field our strongest team, but we might have to wait a while. On a positive note I was climbing well and felt as comfortable as one can expect when you're riding a TT- as the saying goes 'it's meant to be hard'.