Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kissena Middle Finger

One of the more unusual blogs I follow from afar is Kissena track racing. I first got wind of Kissena when I was randomly thinking about moving to New York after finishing University. Of course, a concern in moving to such a big city was the riding available. However, after a bit of research I'm convinced New York isn't a bad place to be as a cyclist. There's plenty of criteriums, there's the legendary Gimbels road ride on Saturday mornings and the track scene is very healthy thanks to what goes on at Kissena. There's even some urban mountain biking not to be sniffed at. I like the attitude of the Kissena guys- it reminds me of the Edinburgh trackies that I used to enjoy riding with in the Tuesday night track league. This photo accompanies one of the Kissena guys posts on overpriced modern cookie cutter bikes and is well worth a read: