Friday, March 12, 2010

Genting vs. Tourmalet

Digging through the SIR archives last night I came across this comparison chart of Genting vs. Tourmalet, penned by the original SIR founder- Bo Kratz. Having ridden both climbs (see Genting posting here) I think I'd agree...

The chart above measures the distance and altitude from Ulu Yam Bahru 28 K from the top. The first 6 kilometers are pretty easy, but then…

The starting point of the chart is Bagneres de Bigorre, incidentally 28 kilometers from the peak of Tourmalet. However, the real climb does not start until you have passed St Marie de Campan, about 12 kilometers from B. de Bigorre.

Mr. Bo’s vote: Genting is a clear winner (although Tourmalet hurts almost as much) for the following reasons:
1) A higher climb
2) Heat and humidity
3) The last 5 k with three kilometers at 9.5% or above