Friday, February 19, 2010

Top 10: Household Items for Cyclists

Cotton Buds
Perfect for getting grime out of jockey wheels. Steal from bathroom.

Makes a good mild abrasive for getting out minor scratches. Steal from British Airways.

Talcum Powder
Regular readers will know I don't 'do' inner tubes, but if I have to I'll be sure to use some talc. Steal from chemist.

Hair Spray
Great for sticking on mtb grips. Steal from the missus.

Clear Nail Varnish
Works well as a touch up for chipped carbon. Buy your own & make sure it's hidden from the missus.

Washing Up Liquid
Goes well with degreaser for a potent bike cleaning mix. Also of use for mouting tubeless mtb tyres. Steal from the kitchen.

A much cheaper alternative to Assos chamois crème. Steal from your baby / buy your own & pretend you have a baby.

Another hot tip from the baby crew- this detergent will freshen up stinky kit. Steal from the maid (hmmm).

Will get rid of any nasty build ups in your Camelbak. Steal from your Mum.

Great value all in one bike polish / lubricant for moving parts. Not up to scratch for chains, and not as good as GT85 but a good reserve item easily found around the world. Steal from Dad.